Graphics One Announces Partnership with Heat Press and Calendar Manufacturer Metalnox

Graphics One, LLC (GO) has announced its partnership with Metalnox, a provider of heavy duty calendars and industrial heat presses in the Americas.

Metalnox has been manufacturing outstanding equipment since 1982 and offers a complete quality line of heat transfer equipment with original patented technology. The Metalnox heat press and calendar lines offer the most competitive capabilities for industrial transfer applications. Along with this, Graphics One is pleased to offer free installation and onsite service with the Metalnox units.

The Metalnox heat press systems offer exclusive patented technology including Full Automation, Auto Shuttle, and a unique Paper Vacuum System. While the automated technology promises efficiency, precision, and ease of use, the dual shuttles seen in the GO Metalnox 8000AV PRO and 12000AV PRO allow for two continuous pressing jobs. The Paper Vacuum System eliminates the need for tack dye sub paper and enables the use of generic transfer paper to produce crisp, clear images with no ghosting. The quality of the Metalnox units is further displayed with a platen for life warranty in addition to a one year warranty on all consumable items.

Additionally, Graphics One is pleased to announce its GO Metalnox Premium Support working with a nationwide network of dealers to offer installation assistance and onsite support for the GO Metalnox line. This program ensures both premier quality and technical support.

According to Kerby Bonilla, GO Tech Support, “We are very excited to offer the GO Metalnox line of heat presses and calendars. The quality and performance value surpass that of other heat press equipment in the Americas, especially with the value of a lifetime warranty on the platen, one year warranty on all consumable parts, and onsite service from Graphics One and its dealer partners.”

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Graphics One and OKI Data Americas Announce Expanded Line of Transfer Media for Use with pro920WT and 711WT Digital Color Printers

Graphics One and OKI Data Americas announce the availability of a new and broader range of transfer media offerings approved for use with the OKI pro920WT and 711WT digital color printers – the GO FlipIt 2.0 line and the GO UNO line. These two lines of transfer papers were thoroughly vetted and selected based on their ease of use, exceptional print quality and ability to deliver bright white transfers, together with the elasticity, durability and soft hand of the finished product. All media is available through Graphics One – an authorized reseller and national distribution partner for both OKI printers.

Part of the impressive OKI proColor™ Series – a line of high impact digital color printers that serves the graphic arts, production, specialty printing and imaging technologies industries, the OKI pro920WT is a commercial grade, tabloid/A3 digital color printer with high-quality color output – including white – for textile transfers. The new 711WT from OKI Data Americas is a desktop A4 digital color printer with white toner for lower volume transfer production. Together, these printers deliver high-impact, cost effective alternatives to screen printing, providing speed, accuracy, and exceptional output quality for those within the specialty printing market.

“The expanded range of media now available for use with the OKI pro920WT and 711WT enhances the unique transfer printing capabilities of both products and underscores OKI Data’s commitment to printing innovation,” said Rich Egert, General Manager of the Strategic Technology Provider Business Group for OKI Data Americas. “We are confident that this market segment will continue to embrace the pro920WT and 711WT as OKI Data expands its presence serving the specialty printing and imaging space.”

Graphics One is the authorized reseller of the OKI pro920WT, and also serves as national distribution partner for both printers throughout the US. These OKI Data printers compliment Graphics One’s comprehensive line of transfer medias offered for the direct-to-garment, hard substrate, leather and sublimation markets.

According to Dan Barefoot, President of Graphics One, “We are confident that the GO FlipIt 2.0 and GO UNO lines of transfer media are the best products for use with the OKI pro920WT and 711WT, delivering the most professional, highest quality output in today’s market.”

“The GO FlipIt 2.0 line, in particular, offers users tremendous flexibility,” continued Barefoot. “It is the most well-rounded media given its use in a variety of applications, and has been incredibly well-received within the specialty printing market.”

OKI Data products are built on parent company OKI Data Corporation’s history of leadership and innovation. Most of OKI Data’s color printing solutions feature Single Pass Color™ as well as proprietary digital LED and HD Color technologies. These technologies allow OKI Data Americas to manufacture products that require fewer moving parts for increased reliability and outstanding color output quality.

OKI provides live , toll-free technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with agents based in North America.

For more information regarding the innovative OKI proColor™ Series, visit

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Laser vs LED: What Is the Difference?

Laser printers and LED printers are often grouped together when speaking in broad categories, though they are different technologies. They both use static electricity applied to a drum, which helps adhere toner with heat to create an image. The main difference is how the static charge is applied.

Laser: A laser printer uses a single laser beam aimed at a revolving mirror that reflects the beam through a series of lenses and finally to an image drum. When the laser reaches the rotating imaging drum, it creates a static charge that attracts toner to it, which is then transferred to the page. The laser scans across the page in sequence, emitting thousands of light bursts per second.

LED (Light Emitting Diode): An LED printer, on the other hand, uses an array of tiny LED lights that light up at different times to create the static charge. Since the lights span the entire width of the drum, an LED printer requires fewer moving parts.

LEDs are more efficient and reliable than conventional laser printers as they have no moving parts (second image). Given the number of moving parts, laser printers can be costly and time-consuming to repair – a problem Oki Data customers do not face as OKI’s toner-based printers use LED technology.

The digital LED light source further allows higher print speeds at higher resolutions than traditional laser light sources. Laser systems rely on elaborate combinations of rotating mirrors and lenses that must remain in alignment throughout their use. The laser scans from one end of a line to another, then starts on the next line. Unlike laser printers, an LED printhead has no moving parts. Additionally, OKI has a straight-line paper path less susceptible to jams when feeding heavy stock, envelopes or labels.


With an LED printer, page one will look exactly the same as page 500. A product of engineering, laser printers cannot produce the same consistency. LED printers promise the same sharpness and clarity print after print.

• Excellent Print Quality
• Higher Reliability and Lasting Performance with No Moving Part Technology
• Higher Print Speeds at Higher Resolutions
• Higher Print Quality Finish
• Higher Accuracy
• Maximize your Workspace – More Compact Size Also Means Using Less Raw Materials
• Low Maintenance
• Long Printhead Life (LEDs) with High Energy Efficiency
• Amazing Color

*OKI is so confident in the reliability of the LEDs  that a 5-year warranty is provided.

For more information, please see:

For a video visual, please see:

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Graphics One Redefines Dye Sublimation Ink Standards with the Launch of GO NeoTack Ink

Burbank, California-November, 2012-Graphics One, LLC (GO), an international distributor dedicated to providing innovative, high quality products to digital imaging professionals worldwide is launching its new GO NeonTack Ink, a professional grade dye sublimation ink with integrated tack to eliminate ghosting and the need for tacky dye sub paper. GO will be demonstrating its GO NeonTack Ink at the ISS Long Beach Show January 18-20.

GO’s NeonTack Ink offers newly patented heat activated Tack Technology developed to eliminate the need for tacky paper with a formula providing tack function to conventional dye sub papers when used with textiles and apparel. Even the most basic dye sublimation transfer papers are capable of producing ultra crisp and vibrant transfer results decreasing the overall cost of the sublimation process. Moreover, GO NeonTack Ink provides a hi-fi 12 color set with three new neon colors including Neon Red, Neon Yellow and Neon Blue in addition to Super Black, Orange, Blue, CMYK, Lc and Lm to create an outstanding color gamut 30 to 40% greater than average dye sublimation ink. GO Neotack even enhances four color printers by using traditional NeoTack Cyan and Magenta with Neon Yellow and Super Black. Other neon colors can also be substituted for the traditional colors from our NeoTack ink set.

The excellent runability and no clog formula extensively tested in EPSON printheads solidifies GO NeoTack Ink as the new standard for dye sublimation ink.

According to David Badalyan, GO Sales Management, “We are very excited to offer the new GO NeoTack dye sub ink as it eliminates the need for tacky paper creating far crisper images while decreasing the overall cost of sublimation by as much as 25%. GO NeonTack Ink offers a new level of dye sublimation printing with vibrant colors, true blacks, and neon spot colors not offered by other sublimation inks.”

GO’s NeoTack Ink is packaged in one liter and 500 ml degassed foil inkpacks at a very competitive price point of $125 and $65 respectively. GO NeoTack Ink will begin shipping in January 2013.

For more information, please see:


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GO Visits NBM Philadelphia

Graphics One was at NBM in Philadelphia last week displaying the  OKI pro920WT, the GO UNO, the RIO PRO 44, and the GO uPress 1620 HD and GO xPress 3040 heat presses.

Dan Barefoot discusses the OKI pro920WT, a high speed and high performance LED transfer printer with white toner for dark garments at NBM Philly below:

Show specials will be available for the upcoming week. To learn more, contact GO at (818) 260-9591.

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NBM Long Beach Show Specials!

NBM Long Beach Show Specials are available until the end of this week. Call Graphics One to learn more!


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OKI pro920WT Super Bundle with FREE TONER

OKI pro920WT Super Bundle, the white toner t-shirt transfer bundle, is available now until August 31st.

OKI pro920WT Super Bundle

Virtually pay off your 920 system with the purchase of this bundle! The world’s first professional white transfer solution includes one FREE SET of toner which can produce up to 4,500 t-shirts or 9,00 mugs.* The OKI proColor 920 WT is revolutionary white toner transfer bundle for dark shirts and hard surfaces including the OKI pro920WT, 1620 HD Heat Press, GO uPress One Mug Heat Press, one pack of 8.5″ x 11″ FlipIt 1.0 Dark transfer paper, one pack of FlipIt 2.0 Dark transfer paper, one pack of 8.5”x11” FlipIt 1.0 Hard Surface transfer paper, and one Logo It.

Key Features

  • Free Set of Toner with Purchase of Bundle–A $914 Value!
  • High Speed and High Performance LED Transfer Printer Using Revolutionary White Toner with Full Color Capabilities
  • Ultra-High Speed Imaging–Images 31 (color)-36 (monochrome) Pages/Min
  • Ideal for T-Shirt and Apparel Markets in Addition to Hard Surface Applications Such as Mugs, Ceramics, Wood and Beyond

Includes OKI 920 WT Printer, GO uPress 1620HD Heat Press, GO uPress Mug Press,   GO FlipIt 2.0 Dark Transfer Paper (8.5 x 11, one pack) GO FlipIt 1.0 Dark Transfer   Paper (8.5 x 11, 100 sheets), GO FlipIt 1.0 Hard Surface Paper (8.5 x 11, 100 sheets),    GO LogoIt

Ideal Applications

The OKI 920 WT features a revolutionary high definition white toner with vibrant, outstanding color images for transferring onto white and dark t-shirts of various fabric types. Applications include production of t-shirt graphics, garment decorations and hard surface applications such as mugs, ceramics, wood and more.


OKI one year on-site warranty is standard with the exception of consumables. Second  year optional parts-only warranty

To learn more, please visit:

*Includes starter toner set along with full set. Measurements based on 8.5×11 T-Shirt or   a coffee mug with 20% CMY and 10% W density with full coverage. Results may vary.


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GO FlipIt 2.0 Transfer Paper Arrives! Transfer White and Full Color Images to Black Apparel


FlipIt 2.0 Heat Transfer Paper

GO FlipIt Press Release

GO FlipIt 2.0 is the newest addition to GO’s line of professional heat transfer products. The new transfer paper works in both the pro920WT and the GO UNO for transferring bright white and full color to black, color and white apparel. For more information, please visit:


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GO Shows GO UNO at FESPA 2012

Graphics One traveled to Barcelona last week to take part in FESPA. The GO UNO professional LED transfer paper was displayed in Charlie’s Corner printing samples onto bags and shirts with Neenah transfer paper. Take a look at GO’s Facebook page to see pictures:

To learn more about the GO UNO, the first professional LED transfer printer, click here:

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Happy Holidays from Graphics One

Graphics One Holiday Greeting

Graphics One wishes you and yours the best this holiday season!

Please visit us at

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